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Online Courses

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) is impacting our day-to-day life. In this course, you will learn about the past, present, and future of artificial intelligence. You will explore its potential in homes and workplaces.

Machine Learning

In this course, you will learn machine learning and deep learning techniques. You will practice them and get them to work for yourself. You will focus on theoretical underpinnings of learning as well as practical know-how.

Data Science

The Data Science course helps you grasp concepts of big data and statistical analysis. You will work on tools such as Jupyter Notebook and RStudio. You’ll complete hands-on labs and projects to tackle data science problems

AI for Everyone

Democratize AI

Educating Underprivilaged

Train the tribals, the socio-economic backward, and poor junior college students free of cost and prepare them for future challenges and enhance their career opportunities.

Collaboration with NGOs

We collaborate with several NGOs to make an impact on the lives of the bottom most 1% in India. We collaborate with the NGOs to spread awareness about AI among the secondary and senior secondary school  students.

Collaboration with governments

We work with central and state government agencies to contribute to AI education in remote areas of the country and states. The focus is on inclusive growth by developing required skills and fostering entrepreneurship spirit.

Innovate AI

AI Projects

Banking, Financial Services and Insurance

We help the BFSI industry meet the demands of customers by providing smarter and safer ways to access, spend, save and invest their money. We help the industry optimize processes like credit decisions and financial risk management.

Shipping and waterways

We help the maritime industry implement smart solutions to optimize operations, promote efficiency and reduce cost. Our AI solutions help maximize equipment and resource utilization and optimize the management of container flow.


We help farmers not only improve efficiencies but also improve the quantity, quality and ensure faster go-to-market for crops. Our AI-based solutions can help improve the overall harvest quality and accuracy.