Who we are

Our mission is to transform lives by democratizing AI and spreading AI knowledge among the masses.

We offer AI training courses in local languages to help students build required skills and competencies.

Our Vision
Everyone, irrespective of socio-economic background, has access to AI know-how and expertise.

Our Goal
By 2023, train 100,000 students across socio-economic strata in AI and Data Science.

Vidhya.ai helps people acquire the skills to thrive in the digital economy. To train more and more people and enable them to harness the benefits of AI, we work with NGOs, industry professionals, academia, and students from remote areas so that they have access to the raw materials of knowledge, tools, and data required to build an AI system.

We have been actively working with state governments, local bodies, and NGOs to spread the awareness of AI among the students from backward areas and help them prepare themselves to be ready to face challenges for industry 4.0.


Leadership Team

Navya Jain

Founder & CEO

Ajay Sharma


Vivek Pandey

Pradeep Kumar

Pratyush Giri

Rahul Ranjan

Pravin Shende

Syed Asad


Chandan Kumar